Marshah Dixon – Terry, Career Coach

November 2020

 "- I am very fortunate to be working with Sinead as my coach.  Quite simply, Sinead is an exceptional coach.  In the short time that we have been working together, she has unlocked so much in me which is enabling me to push forward with my career coaching business. Her style is highly collaborative and engaging which enables me to feel comfortable and confident in our discussions - I'm really enjoying the sessions.  I've had a number of 'aha' moments which feels really good.  Thank you Sinead for all your support which I very much appreciate."

Esther Armstrong, Communications Professional

May 2021

"-It is not an exaggeration to say Sinead has changed my life. I first spoke with her when I was going through a particularly challenging time and was at a loss about what to do to help myself. All my usual fallback methods of brushing myself down and pepping myself up were not helping and instead seemed to be making things worse. 

With her gorgeously warm, patient and understanding approach, Sinead guided me into finding the answers I always had within. Anyone can give advice, but it takes a truly gifted coach to unlock your ability to discover and take your own advice.

Sinead encourages you to take the lead in your coaching sessions - she does not drive the agenda. This allows you to get to the root of topics you might not even have realised needed exploring. 

People always say you should talk to yourself as if you are your own best friend, which can be a surprisingly difficult thing to do. While I continue to work on getting there, my sessions with Sinead feel like I'm benefiting from having a big sister, mentor, friend and cheerleader all wrapped up in one person. 

I am no longer at a loss. But for me the best outcome of all is that I feel equipped to take on challenging circumstances in the future, whatever shape they might take.

Emily Rockwood, Law Society of Ireland

March 2021

 "- A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to meet with a woman named Sinead Scott-Lennon who works as a Resilience and Recovery Coach. As I’ve progressed in my career and through life in general, coaching has always sounded like an experience that I would love to undertake, but not one that I would actually take the time to seek out for myself. So, when the occasion arose and I was presented with the option of working with Sinead, I took a leap of faith and will be forever grateful that I did.

One thing I didn’t know about coaching before I started is that the coach isn’t there to give you all the answers, they’re there to help you find them. In just a few meetings with Sinead, I’ve learned and understood more about myself than I have in my lifetime. And the wildest part about that, to me, is that nothing I’ve discovered is new, I’m just seeing myself in a completely different light and the fog has cleared.

Sinead is patient and caring and generous; I could go on about what an incredible person she has shown herself to be in just the short time that I’ve known her. She’s talked me through all sorts of issues, both personal and work-related, and never once judged me for any of them. But what I admire most about Sinead is her strength—how she actively listens during sessions, relates and reflects, helps to clear the fog and then goes about her own life and job with all the kindness in the world.

Coaches may not give you all the answers, but what Sinead has taught me is even better. What you’re looking for is within your reach, you may just need someone to help you shine the light.

David Butcher, MD and Founder, Communications and Content

January 2021


" - Sinead's a great coach. She's insightful, empathetic, thoughtful and challenging - all in the right amounts. I very much enjoyed working with her and she's made a big impact on the way I'm planning to grow my business. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat."

Andrew White, Colliers International

April 2021

"-Sinead has been brilliant, working with myself and my colleagues to unlock potential and overcome issues of a personal and business nature. Working for a global brand it has been fantastic to work with someone outside of my firm to assist me in developing the departments people and performance strategy. Truly inspiring, she brings the best out in people and has made some of my brilliant colleagues more confident , resilient and able to recognise and see their true potential. Could not recommend her more highly, she is knowledgeable, extremely likeable and confidential in all aspects of her work, a truly exceptional professional."

Steffi Reilly, IQEQ

April 2021

"-Sinead delivered a half day workshop on resilience to a group of IQ-EQ employees. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was engaging and interactive and found Sinead to be very professional and a great communicator. During the session Sinead shared her own personal story, facilitated group exercises for discussions of resilience and shared tools and tips on being more resilient. Sinead is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her again in the future."

Richard Acworth, Cornerstone Communications

March 2021

"-We have worked with Sinead on a number of occasions in our quest to build a happy, thriving workforce. Her ability to bring out the best in individuals is remarkable. From the moment individual team members started working with her productivity has improved, and continues to do so. More importantly, employees are certainly more confident and able to make quality choices and decisions."